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Technical Support Services

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You have a business to run, and being an expert in all of the technical aspects of your online business is generally not an ooption. Getting a plugin configured correctly, customizing payment options for your shopping cart or single purchase button, or getting that theme looking just right. Wouldn't it be great to have an "On-Demand" technical services dept?

Well, that is what we do!

Remember that before purchasing any service always give us a call to ensure that you feel confident that we can get your technical issues fixed.

Online Technical Support Sessions Buy Now

  1. Online Dev Center to manage your support.
  2. Ongoing Premium Sonic Dev Center Membership to manage your session
  3. Available Mon through Friday - 7:00 am - 7:00pm PST
  4. All time is logged and documented. Minimum of 15 minute units
  5. Dev Center Discussion, Video Conferences (Hangouts) or Remote Desktop (SimpleHelp)
  6. 24 hour minimum response to all questions. (Standard Availablility)

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