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"John Moore at SonicSpider's SonicWebtech is a true professional.  His experience makes his project bids come in on-time and on-budget.  Whereas we would get crazy over needing to make changes and/or improvements, John took it all in stride and just got the job done.  Perhaps the best thing about our experience using John to do our payment integration is his experience.  If he hasn't seen it all and done it all then he does a great job at making it look like he has.  That depth of programming knowledge in various languages on various platforms with new and legacy technology helped us put together the exact solution we needed.  There is no doubt we will need help again to grow and refine our project and there is no doubt that we will be using John again to help us along that path."

Brenton S Mulliner

"I highly recommend SonicSpider's services. It has truly been a pleasure working with John Moore in launching our PayPal e-commerce module on our client's website. John is not only thoroughly knowledgeable, but incredibly meticulous with great attention to detail. His troubleshooting and testing is more effective than anything we have come across in the past. He is a great communicator and always responds quickly regardless of day or time. Without his expertise, launching this website would not have been possible. We are extremely satisfied with his services, and give him a four-star rating."

Kelly McDevitt
Production Coordinator

"Quick & Exceptional Service!

I needed assistance transferring my newly created site to this server. I told John, the tech guy, that I needed this done rather quickly. He quickly and efficiently assessed all my needs and helped me get the site running the way I wanted it within a matter of hours. He truly went above & beyond to help me with my needs. Further, he gave me advice on how to enhance my business after fulfilling the web transfer.I now know that I can trust SonicSpider with any other web hosting I need in the future!

Thanks John specifically and SonicSpider as a whole!"

Sami Shahhal
Nordahl Dental

"With a two telephone calls and a few emails, John was able to get me up to speed on the payment options and the information that I needed to send the Paypal payment system. He was always prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended."

Troy Ackerman
DJ Event Planner Inc.

"I highly recommend John Moore and his company if you need any web site edits and in particular, edits having to do with PayPal. John is a stickler for attention to detail and he is very prompt in returning calls and emails. I had several issues with my web page that needed an expert in the PayPal nuts and bolts. John quickly acquainted himself with the obscure web page editor that I was using, performed the edits on the state tax rates for all states, and sent me the finished product in two days.

John has the experience to tackle any issue relating to PayPal and he can make it happen in a matter of days, with a minimum of communication and false starts."

Ken Mapes
Owner/Winemaker Mapes Cellars

"I had been comparing shopping cart software for a client that needed a specific PayPal shopping cart solution. All the big names promised ease of use, flexabilty, etc. etc. But when It came down to it, none of them delivered. At the point of giving up, I did one last google search and found Sonic Web Tech. Not only were they reasonable in costs, they did deliver what was promised, easy to use, flexible, customizable and worked right out of the box. And to boot, when I did run into a small snag, John took my call and email and helped me solve the problem. I would highly recommend John and Sonic WebTech to anyone needing a customized PayPal shopping cart."

Markus K.
Chief Solutions Officer