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How web standards protect the long term value of your website investment.

Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of web design, marketing and development companies and web designers. We make a distinction between “designers/web marketers” and “coders” and often the public thinks they are the same person, which is very rare. Most “coders” find web standards natural and gravitate to using them quickly. Designers and web marketers, on the other hand, don't have to deal directly with the immediate raw benefits of standards so they are easier to ignore. The success of standards is dependent on educated consumers that demand the benefits that standards will provide. Ignorance is not bliss and will only prolong the damage of the browser wars. It is also hoped that the web development community, especially designers and web marketers, also become better educated in understanding the benefits for their customers.

Table of Contents - 24 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Historical Consequences of Browser Wars for Business

The browser wars encouraged three specific kinds of behavior among their combatants that had specific consequences for businesses developing websites.

“Times, they are a changing” - for the better, but they are not where they should be. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was formed and active in 1997. But it was not until the browser wars were over and the true scope of the collateral damage was understood that the W3C became a force in guiding the standards. Browsers are like big ships and it takes time and resources to move from the mess of the wars to a point where a web page could be built on a single code base for all browsers. This is still in progress and we are getting closer to that dream. This ebook will explore why Web Standards are not only good for your business but provide insurance against obsolescence, by making sure your website is built correctly to leverage those benefits.



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