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Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of web design, marketing and development services as they relate to search engine optimization. The reality is that all of these service providers have a roll in getting your website in a position where the more serious SEO services will be useful.

Table of Contents - 24 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Fundamentals for SEO Plugin Evaluation

WordPress by default takes care of nearly 80% of the mechanics of SEO according to many authorities in the SEO world (Matt Cutts (Google Spam Chief) being one of them. This is good to know and comforting, but SEO, to be really effective, needs to go beyond those basic mechanics. A good SEO plugin (or combination of plugins) for WordPress should cover some or all of the following:

This seems like a very long list, but there is considerable overlap between optimizations and automation of many tasks.

The last key of a good SEO plugin (or combination of plugins) is that the authors provide regular updates and keep up with the current trends. Every algorithm release or update from Google needs to be reviewed and incorporated into the plugin or you can suddenly find your self doing the WRONG thing, while thinking you are doing the RIGHT thing. An example of this is a plugin we used several years ago that helped the poster increase “keyword density”. That was great then, but today that can become “too much of a good thing” and Google could penalize you for that. We no longer use that plugin.


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