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Understanding SEO

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Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of web design, marketing and development solution providers. It is also of value to those same solution providers such that better understanding of these topics and the issues presented will better serve their customers.

Table of Contents - 24 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Doing Videos for the Right Reasons

Before you get started it is important to have a clear understanding of what you expect from this effort. How exactly is this going to help your business and how you are going to measure if it had been worth the effort and whether it will be worth doing more?

Business Goals

Basically, you should have one or more of the following business goals, many of which ultimately drive traffic to your site, either directly or through back links and social media recommendations. Specific SEO goals are listed separately.

  1. General education of your customers – An educated customer is a satisfied and repeat customer.
  2. Customer Service - “How to” - Show your customer how to use your product or service. Sometimes people don't see all of the options in the use of our products or services. It can also lower customer requests for assistance and complaints.
  3. Build authority – Providing resources in your niche builds your ranking as an authority in that niche.
  4. Build confidence and trust – If they can “see” it in action it lowers the apprehension in the purchase decision.
  5. Create proper expectations – Expectations can mean the difference between a happy consumer of your products or services or an unhappy consumer.
  6. Generate exposure, excitement and desire for your Brand – If you are lucky to have a product or service that can generate “buzz”, then leverage this to build brand recognition and “top of mind”.

It would be nice to “do them all” but as a small company you have a limited budget, limited time and limited energy. Therefore, you need to make choices and focus on which one or two will be your goal as a startup. Once you have made progress on one or two goals, then look for opportunities in the other goals.

SEO Goals

In may ways, there is not a lot of difference between general business goals and specific SEO goals for using videos. This list focuses on the specific SEO goal and should be included in whichever business goal you choose. Again, you may only focus on one on this list as a start. Always make sure you have decided in advance on how you are going to measure your progress.

  1. Ranking, traffic and conversions
  2. Brand impressions and exposure
  3. Real Links **



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