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About the RightStart eBook Series

One of the challenges for small business in web technology is to understand that technology enough to properly apply it to their business needs. Unfortunately the learning curve is very steep and the available information is vast and overwhelming. For the small business, the Internet is the best source of that information, but it also has become a burden of wealth. How to sort out what is important “right now” and what might be useful later becomes a constant challenge.

The goal of the RightStart ebook series is to provide a focused overview of a web technology that is geared to small business. Those aspects of the technology that are of lesser use to a small business are mentioned only in passing and to provide perspective while those technologies that are more critical are covered in more detail. The key is to help build a foundation of knowledge and understanding that the small business owner can build upon while minimizing the risk of going down blind alleys in the process.

Table of Contents - 24 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Goals for Community Engagement

Picking what communities to join and engage in can be a challenge for some at first. Before you get started, first step back and determine your goals for engaging in communities. There are five areas with business related suggestions : (There are personal versions of these as well, and we will leave that to you.)

  1. To Learn – To start off you might want to add some Google+ focused communities like Plus Your Business, or Google Plus for Small Business. Getting better at using Google+ is important. Next would be professional or technical communities within a business sphere.
  2. To Share – Find communities in which you can contribute your expertise. This is where you can demonstrate your authority. Share original blog posts, re-share articles and resources within your industry. Demonstrate that you have a handle on that business or technical area.
  3. Promote the Business – Let's face it, as a business this is the real motivation. Problem is that in the social world blatant self promotion does not go over very well. The key is to fall back to #2. Later as you develop authority, and as you are asked for assistance then it becomes more natural to direct that person to your business resources.
  4. Page Rank/SEO – This is an area that is still being flushed out. It appears that Posts are treated like web pages and that building authority within a community (shares, re-shares, comments) all add “juice”. Exactly how much is often debated and will continue to be studied. I think you can be fairly confident that Google+ in general is going to be used by Google Search. Why else would they be doing all of this? It is not for our entertainment.

The ideal is when you can learn and share, and that leads to promoting your business and building your rank in the search results.



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