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A Concise Introduction to Facebook for Small Businesses

Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of web design, marketing and development solution providers. It is also of value to those same solution providers such that better understanding of these topics and the issues presented will better serve their customers.

Table of Contents - 23 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Setting Up a Business Account

One of the frustrating things that businesses have found in the past with Facebook is that it was a deep dark secret as to how to create a business account. The secret sauce seems to be that you create a Facebook Ad or a Facebook Page, Facebook will ask for your login information. Click “I do not have a Facebook account”. The enter your business email address, password, and a date of birth.

Please be aware that managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If they determine that an individual has more than one account, they reserve the right to terminate all of those accounts.

Remember: you can create a business page off of your personal account, and for very small businesses this might be the easiest route. If you decide to avoid the personal Profile, or keep it separate, then you will need a different email address for each.

Business Page off of Your Personal Account

There are some points that you might want to remember if you are setting up a Page on your personal Profile account:

  1. A Fan Page can only be personalized using the username option once you have 25 fans of the page.
  2. A Fan Page has only fans, no friends.
  3. You can customize your Fan Page through add-on applications. Look under applications to see what is available. Type applications in the search box. You can also add applications to your own profile page, which includes adding tabs to your page.
  4. You can have multiple admins. The account owner where the page was set up is the ultimate control and cannot be removed or reassigned. Other admins can be designated, but they must be fans first.
  5. Postings from the fan page by an admin is associated with the fan page and not with the admin account. Posting from fans are associated with the fan and the fan's name is included with the posting. There are no anonymous postings.
  6. The admins can remove fan postings for any reason. I don't recommend that unless they are inflammatory, attacking someone, or otherwise deemed by the admin as unacceptable. Fan Pages are designed to create dialog with the fans (customer, clients, etc) indiscriminately deleting posting is not conducive to the conversations you are trying to promote.
  7. If you are going to create fan pages for testing try to find 25 people that are willing to help by becoming fans. No tests are very good until you reach the 25 threshold.
  8. You can find a fan page by typing the fan page name in the search box. It is intuitive and as you type characters it will start listing matches.
  9. You can also reach your fan page from your info page, by clicking on the option for all your pages to display and then scrolling through your list
  10. Your icon picture is very limited. When you select a picture to use, you can position what will show in the box next to postings, but if your logo is to big you will have problems. You need to work with reducing the image size until you have something satisfactory.


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