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The goal of the Sonic Development and Resource Center (Dev Center) is to provide ongoing education to you and to efficiently manage projects or technical support. You are very busy and you barely have time to keep your business going, you don't need to have to keep track of ONE MORE THING. You also want the best possible "bang for your buck" and by using the Dev Center to its fullest you help us keep your costs down. When you purchase services from SonicWebTech or RightStart Websites, those services are provided through your membership to the Dev Center.

The Problem - Too much, too confusing.

Over the years the staff at SonicSpider has struggled with finding the most cost efficient way to provide quality web services to our customers. One of the most intractable problems was keeping everyone on track with the project and understanding what information was needed, what tasks were completed, and what tasks were next. Sounded like a project management system was the solution. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that project management systems are generally built for large corporate projects run by "techies" and for "techies" and your average small business owner found those systems overwhelming, confusing and and way too complicated. Basically, it was dead in the water as a solution.

Back to Basics - A Simple Solution

One of the main problems with conventional project management systems is that they have so many options that cover every possiblity and they did not provide guidance or structure for a specific task. The customer had to know before hand what to look for and how it all connected. We found ourselves wanting to create worksheets on how to use the project management system. What we came to realize was that the worksheet format was actually the core of the solution. Worksheets traditionally are organized around a specific sequence of events or tasks: Gathering information, Listing what is needed, Listing what had to be done, and finally checking off each task as completed.

But the paper worksheet was not quite enough because the customer still needed guidance and reminders and the progress on the worksheet needed to be shared. What was needed was a targeted online worksheet with sharing tools and with "smarts" that responded to each action or event with reminders, guidance and alerts.

Dev Center Worksheets

What was born was the online Dev Center worksheet. Each worksheet is designed for a very specific sequence of tasks. A project could be made up of a number of worksheets or just one. Each worksheet is organized around what is needed for that service or package and the tools that made sense to provide support for completing those tasks.

The worksheet provides guidance, documents your progress and sends out automatic alerts and reminders. Both during and after your project is completed it is also valuable a resource of information on business web technology. You remain a "member" long after your project or support session is finished and we welcome you to come back and explore the free resources we continually update and develop for your use. Generally, most service packages come with a range of one month to one year of free membership and some website development packages come with free lifetime membership.

How does it work?

After you purchase services or packages from either SonicSpider, the SonicWebTech program or the RightStart Websites program, one or more worksheets are setup that will define what is needed to provide that service. You then receive an email with a link and some instructions on how to begin. Your login to the Dev Center will always be the same as your User ID and Password you created when purchasing this service or package.

Once you login to your Dev Center Desktop you will see your project (all services and packages are referred to as "projects"). Click on your project "Next" button and you can begin working on your worksheets. Many will require information from you to begin the process. All worksheets have Guides you can download and print that explain how each tool works and what you need to do next. Once you complete the first steps and save, the WebTech that is assigned to your project will be alerted and respond.